Allom Architectural Lighting has an extensive range of over 385 products.
Downlights more than 80 variations.
Bulkheads and Fire Rated more than 50 variations 
Wall, Ceiling, Table and Floor with R95 LED lamps. 
S and A series with R95 LED lamps.
20 series with MR16 LED lamps.
30 series with B15d LED lamps.
200 series with GU10 63mm dia. LED lamps.
900 series with R7s114-2mm LED lamp at 3000k 14 watts and 145lm/w, 2030 lumens.
Newton task light series, 6 watts and 1110 lumens, dimmable with 97-277volt universal driver.
Brunel dimmable desk light with T5 LED tube. 

10 year long life GU10 lamps or COB modules  1.9, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.5, 12  watts. 

IP65 with 10 year guarantee and EM Li-Ion batteries with 3 year guarantee. 

Skyraft linear hibay, energy saving, IP65 with optional EM version with 3 year battery life, chains and power feeds as required and 10 year guarantee. 

IP68 linear system with EM versions.
10 year guarantee. 

UV-C lighting for upper air in hospitals and schools, gyms, large shops and offices, Germicidal, Ozone, fan assisted to sterilise warm dirty air and COVID 19.
1300mm long wall mounted clean air solution. Dept. of Health website. 

A series of high spec products with A, B, C, & E energy labels.
GU10 - OPGU10A3983N38UK
1.9 watts, at 210 lumens per watt, 3000k, dim and non dim , 50000 hours, 
38 degree, A energy label.
Integrated  downlight 
3 watts x 160 lumens per watt, 3 or 4 watts switchable, dimmable, IP65, C energy label,
fire rated 90 minutes.
350mm dia 150 watts x 185 lumens per watt, switch 4-5-6k, 90 degree beam,
3 metre for both chain and power cable, dimmable. B energy label. 
EM version with 2 x 3 hour battery with 3 year life.
100 and 68 mm projection at 315 mm dia, 4, 5, 6.5k switchable, IP54, 
fire resistant polycarbonate, 12 watts and 120 lumens per watt, E energy label

Product compliance 
TUV / CE / Rohs / Recolight / UKCA 5-10 year guarantee UK, EU, USA. 
Many patents for UK, EU, USA. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SEDEX, SMETA.

Data sheets on request. 

product compliance

Heat transfer thermal dynamics convection cooling laminar flow 
Allom Cool Head Technology TM 
500+ luminaires; 
£5m product liability insurance for each major market; 
a solid state company for electronics research and development. 
Long product life, recyclable, biodegradable packaging Industrial, Retail, Residential. 
TUV / CE/ Rohs / Recolight / UKCA


Allom Architectural Lighting delivers all over Europe via London, Antwerp, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Warsaw, Zurich. And to Middle East and Far East -  Dubai, Doha, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. 

Digital Infrastructure
Revit, Cobuilder, Solidworks, Adobe Creative Suite, Sage 50, Office 365.


Design awards, Italy, Germany, USA and UK, work in MOMA since 1972

philosophy and influences

We work continuously for a better world with longer product life, 98% recycling and always following the maxim of R. Buckminster Fuller: more with less. 

Wir arbeiten permanent an der verbesserung unserer produkte, um deren lebensdauer und 98% recyclebarkeit zu gewahrleisten. Unser motto ist die maxime von R. Buckminster Fuller: more with less. 

Nous travaillons continuellement pour un monde meilleur avec une duree de vie de produit plus longue, 98% recyclable et en suivant toujours la maxime de R. Buckminster Fuller: more with less. 

 Lavoriamo in continuazione per creare un mondo, con prodotti di lunga durata
e riciclabili al 98%. Tuttocio sempre seguendo ii motto di R. Buckminster Fuller: 
more with less. 

Nosotros trabajamos continuamente para crear un mundo mejor, con productos más duraderos, reciclables en un 98% y siempre siguiendo el lema de R.Buckminster Fuller: 
more with less.

Nós trabalhamos continuamente para criar um mundo melhor, com produtos de longa duração,  98% reciclando e sempre seguindo o lema de R. Buckminster Fuller: 
more with less.

Influences "We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard" President John F Kennedy 
"God is in the details" - Mies van der Rohe 
"One thing will be decisive the way we assert ourselves in the face of circumstance" Mies van der Rohe 
"We cross the river by feeling the stones" - Deng Xiaoping 
"An engineer can be an artist, but an artist cannot be an engineer" - Frank Malina, Paris 1966 
"The object is the object. The purpose of our work is to make better products and a better world" - Studio FPM, Milan 1972 
"More with less" - R. Buckminster Fuller 
"The best for the most with the least" - Ray Eames 

Pythagoras, Fibonaci, Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Swan, Tatlin, Malevitch, Rodchenko, Lissitsky, Aalto, van der Rohe, Takis, Malina, Gabo, Spencer, Castelli, Magistretti, Castiglione, Straub, Boothby, Kape, Mari.

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